Where do you get your potatoes from?

We source our potatoes from local Canadian growers and concentrate on getting them from Central Alberta, that's right we shop local!!!

Can I eat my potato

No you can't...Well I guess you could but we don't recommend you do. Hey we're not your mom so its not like you have to listen to us (Remember always listen to your mom)

When will my potato be shipped and arrive at the destination?

We ship your potato within 48 hours of receiving your order Monday to Thursday and it should arrive within 2-8 days. If you order Friday or Saturday it will be shipped out on the Monday. Any Sunday orders will try to be processed for Monday but will go out guaranteed by Tuesday.

What if I make a mistake with my order? Will you fix it for me? Can I get my money back/

If you email us with changes before it is sent we will do everything we can to fix it. If it has already been sent we can not change it, we have tried but we cant stop every vehicle the post office has to deliver mail, there are just too many!! As far as refunds go we do not refund money, if you made a mistake while placing an order and we have collected the money but not shipped anything out we will fix it or we will give you an in store credit for your next order! 

Will the person receiving the potato know its from me?

Do you want them to know? If you do make sure you put it in your message and we will include it.

If I don't want a box for my potato what do you ship it in?

Ok first off don't be so cheap, pay a couple of bucks for a box...Just kidding or maybe not...anyways we ship it in a plain padded envelope so it doesn't get damaged

Can I ship multiple potatoes in one package?

Sorry you must ship each potato separately. We have found the potatoes fight if they are in a package together and come out a bit beat up. We want our potatoes happy and fresh when they arrive at their location.

Can I order multiple potatoes with different messages at one time?

Yes you can if they are going to the same address. If you want them to go to different addresses you must order each one separately.

Have a question that hasnt been answered here? Email us at tatergramscanada@gmail.com